commercial pilot licence

This course offers 200 hours of flying training this 8-10 months course offers dual/ solo, general flying, circuit & landing sorties. Instruments and cross country flights, skill tests, route checks and night flying rating as per DGCA requirement. call 9953671249

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  • how to become a pilot in India and Abroad after 12th?

    how to become a pilot in india abroad and after 12th commerce?

    how to become a pilot in India and abroad after 10th?

    how to become a pilot after graduation?

    how to become a pilot after 12th science?

    The candidate must be 18 years old at the time of issue of his/her  Commercial Pilot License with a minimum qualification of 10+2 ( Physics and Math’s).

    A Commercial Pilot License holder can act as a Pilot in Command of an aircraft entered on his/her license. This license issued is valid internationally. He / She can be employed as a pilot in Government and civil airlines or in private/corporate companies / flying clubs and has a wide variety of career opportunities.

Commercial Pilot License is a qualification that permits the holder to act as the pilot of an aircraft for remuneration and act as co-pilot (First Officer) in commercial air transportation, as pilot-in-command, co-pilot of any aeroplane engaged in operations other than commercial air transportation or as pilot-in-command in commercial air transportation of any single-pilot aeroplane.